is city see we city
dream city deem city we
shrink city seems city
where blink and brink is tangent
wading mirror versus ending flight
the city that we city dream in dream of our self
extend here slant street underground coil
saltwater seep here lie breadth of house
feet by feet area where sleep the thread
link by link that grid beat by beat each
precinct for here city we sing here screech
no empty city calls it city where people flee
here they say city where I sit city and so be
a dream where city is put is city of brick or glass
or stolen bread where shoe fits where head slips
visible be city as I see city you sleep city and I cradle
river that go downstream and land that spills out
green leaves on cement city or scrimp rent sense
shudder in husk then shuck trust since city be
distant dredge for fringe for cry for illustrated
avenue pottery of balance who city I say as wind
culls day in fingered trace on map here city be

Megan Burns
from her book Memorial+Sight Lines
Lavender Ink, 2008

used with permission of the poet

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