Last night
I had a dream
that I was a teacher.
When the morning sunlight
filled the room
and I felt my mom’s icy fingers
on my head,
I got up
and went to school.

Bennet Franz
2nd place k-2
LA Writes! 2008


For an English Classroom

Lesson Plan for “Dream,” by Bennet Franz
by Nancy Jaynes

I would read the poem aloud, then ask students to react to the poem.

I would ask them what they think works in the poem.

I would ask students to describe what it is that gives the poem a sense of balance.

I would ask them for image words and verbs used in the poem. I’d ask, “Which is stronger, the action or the description?”

I’d share some other possible ways of using dreams in writing, such as writing a description of a dream as a sort of found poem, or as a kernel of plot or conflict in a story.

Finally, I would ask them to begin jotting down their dreams or dream fragments in their seed book journals. I would initiate this by giving them 20 minutes to think and write about one particular dream that stands out in their memories.

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