The wind sings:
I am the invisible mover, the silent creator.
My breath carries wings and powers storms.
I give life to the ocean; I spawn waves.
Devoted to the marvelous mysteries of her movement.
The awe-inspiring patterns and romantic rhythms
Are my design.
But that deceitful monster! That ungrateful harlot!
Oh, the secrets she keeps from me!
She hides her heart, allowing me only to caress her face.
I long for so much more,
But the courtesan, she saves herself for the creatures,
The swimming demons of the sea.
How dare she only share the surface?
She does not love me as I love her,
Imprisoned by her beauty.
How my mistress toys with me.

The ocean replies:
I am a mother.
Home to man and creature alike.
I am the stuff of dreams and mystery.
And yet, I am your servant,
Completely enchanted, under your spell.
Mindlessly following your every command,
Imprisoned by your every thought.
In a single moment, you throw me into a tempest;
On a whim, you torture me with storms and threaten the lives of my children.
I love you, I give you all I can.
But how can I succumb to such a cruel monster?
You ask for my heart, but you will never have it.
How can I trust such a fickle lover?
Be content with what I give you,
For it is all you’ll ever have.

Laura Decuir
2nd Place 11th and 12th Grades
LA Writes! 2010
New Iberia Senior High School
New Iberia, LA

Used with permission of LA Writes!

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