Oil Spill

Animals panicking,
Sticky feathers,
Trying to wriggle free,
Sticky and icky,
A black sea,
A horrible oil spill.
Very lonesome,
Oil carrying me away,
Shifting me gently,
Making me sick,
I don’t know what to think of.
Trying to flee away,
Too fierce to fly,
securing me to the black oil,
A long tour across the ocean,
Sad and lonely,
Stuck in the ocean.
I don’t have anything to eat,
I’m going to die,
No one here to protect me,
Afraid and scared,
Nothing to do, bored.

Ester Lou
3rd Place 3rd & 4th Grades
LA Writes! 2010
Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts
Baton Rouge, LA

Used with permission of LA Writes!

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