About Dave Brinks

Mr. Brinks was born in ’67 and raised in New Orleans; his blood is Acadian French and Choctaw. Brinks is editor-in-chief of YAWP: A Journal of Poetry & Art , publisher of Trembling Pillow Press, director of 17 Poets! Literary & Performance Series, and founder of The New Orleans School for the Imagination. His works have appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, journals, and anthologies throughout the U. S., Canada, and overseas. Additionally, they have been featured by NPR, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, National Geographic Traveler, and Louisiana Cultural Vistas. Brinks has authored six books including the acclaimed The Caveat Onus (Black Widow Press, 2009).

The Caveat Onus: The Complete Poem Cycle (Black Widow Press, 2009)

The Caveat Onus: Coda (Lavender Ink, 2007)

The Caveat Onus: Book Three (Lavender Ink, 2007)

The Caveat Onus: Book Two (Lavender Ink, 2006)

The Caveat Onus: Book One (Lavender Ink, 2006)