Once a tall, magnificent building
Is now painted dull gray
By silver spider webs.
Once a new, shiny building
Is now stained everlastingly
By forbidding rain.

The windows are fractured,
Like a broken glass,
Like a shattered dream.
I had a dream.

Like the dwarf’s dream
Of reaching the sky.
Like the blind’s dream
Of touching the rainbow.
Like the orphan’s dream
Of falling asleep with a lullaby
Like the mute’s dream
Of singing.
Like the deaf’s dream
Of smiling to his lover’s whisper.

Today, I keep dreaming.
Tomorrow, I will keep dreaming.
However a stumbling dream it may be,
I will not give up.

Sung-Un Kim
2nd place 7th and 8th grades
LA Writes! 2008
Haynes Academy
Metairie, LA

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