evacutaion sutra #5 (montpelier)

the leaves come showering down, now
cover the earth and all her citizens
with patchwork rainbows
blanketing our wounds
with patterns of joy
and release

do not disturb these sleepers
let them molder, transform
sorrow into rich nutrient
grounds for new beginning

what the hippies have sown
has lain fallow for years
til we came with notions
of squatter’s nobility
wildcrafting heartbreak
and hope alike

summer is over
it was a long, green
flight from the south
many of our dreams
have gone to seed

i will bed down, now
in a layer of black humus
all that is left
of my wild, dancing nights

springtime seems
in the face of november nearing
but do not mind that now
bend thy will upon germination
and let rivers
carry to her
the songs of your love

Moose Jackson

Used with permission of the poet.

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