a man instead of fish

you are weaving, weaving
a stitch in time
the weir, a trap
save nine for bait
sit in wait, baby bird
trade your worm for a seal child
i can stay deep a long time
but you know,
i will surface any day now
sleek like a selkie
hide my skin ‘neath a smooth stone
warm and wet on the shore
go find it, then
hide it, again
hold me fast if you would
a man instead of fish
9 moons you must stand
twixt your lover and the sea
hold his hand in sirensong
whilst the spiderwoman dances round the irises
this much to weave
a keep upon his heart
but he must never
see his skin again
he must never know saltwater and fur
else he will slip away in the next ebb tide
leave you
moonstricken and cursing
upon your stony shore

Moose Jackson

Used with permission from the poet.

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